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Grüns Classic Cap

Grüns Classic Cap

Comprehensive daily nutrition in each life-hack snack pack of gummies. With 60 nutrient-dense ingredients, meeting your daily nutrient needs, supporting gut health, and promoting whole-body vitality has never been so easy.


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"All of the good stuff you need. Easy to slip into a pocket or purse, and they actually taste good, too."

"You'll look forward to having them. I carry packets of Grüns and give them out like candy to family and friends."

Transform Your Health

Over 35,000 research publications support the efficacy of Grüns

Gut Health

Gut Health

Prebiotics feed good bacteria to boost nutrient absorption and digestion.



Immunity, stress relief, and detox from Vitamin C and D, Zinc, antioxidants, and adaptogens.


Energy & Body

Improved recovery, strength, weight loss, and metabolism.


Brain Health

Thiamin, folate, and mushrooms strengthen focus and brain health.

The Science Supporting Grüns

Results from clinical studies on Grüns nutrients


Increase in healthy gut bacteria within 16 days


Reduction in risk of mild cognitive impairment


Reduction in immunity-damaging, stress-inducing free radicals


Experience thicker hair and nails, and improved skin health

4.9 stars

Join 100,000+ Others Filling Their Nutrition Gaps

These gummies are shockingly delicious, like strawberries! I hate subscriptions because I feel like they are a trap so I canceled it before the gummies even arrived. We quickly decided to resubscribe because we love Grüns so much! A bonus is my kids love them too!

Kate S.

10/10 would recommend. The convenience and taste are huge! Like mixed berries! Plus not having to clean a shaker bottle or extra dishes for greens stuff in powder form, is absolutely excellent!

Dustin O.

A delicious adventure for your taste buds. These gummy bears are more than just a treat; they’re a flavorful escape. With a burst of mouthwatering flavors, every bite is an invitation to a tasteful journey. Grüns makes healthy eating an indulgent experience.

Kevin S.

Us vs. Them

Not overhyped or overpriced. Just comprehensive and complete nutrition made enjoyable and for everyone.

Grüns Comparison to Multivitamin and Green Powder

Recommended by Experts & Olympians

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