Our mission is to make critical
nutrition simple and enjoyable.

Formulated to fit your life

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At Grüns, we believe that foundational nutrition should be simple and convenient for everyone.

We're dedicated to bringing comprehensive and real nutrition to you through our gummies, formulated from 60 nutrient-dense and whole-food ingredients.

Simply enjoy a grab-and-go snack pack of gummies daily whenever fits best in your schedule and wherever life takes you.

Fixing the nutrition space

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Like you, we were disappointed. There’s an infinite number of “nutrition” companies, all focused on what’s best for them — not what’s best for you. Hundreds of products to sell you on, low-quality ingredients, and small nutrient doses. We’ve seen it all.

So we decided it was time to fix it. No more choking on and popping pills like a pharmacy. No more clean-up and disgust from gross powders. And no more cobbling together handfuls to dozens of supplements. Grüns is comprehensive nutrition, made convenient and delicious.

Our Standards: Elevating Nutrition

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At Grüns, we're dedicated to upholding the highest level of quality and integrity in our brand and our formulations.

This commitment drives us to constantly improve our comprehensive nutrition gummies, ensuring they're the best they can be for our customers.

We take this nutrition responsibility seriously.

No Cutting Corners

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We scour the globe to source only the finest whole-food ingredients. We centralize these ingredients at our U.S. facilities where we carefully produce the powerful green gummy bears you know and love. Not only do we ensure the efficacy of grüns, but we also make certain the taste is something you'll relish every day.



Grüns is produced in FDA and GMP compliant facilities, guaranteeing the highest quality manufacturing practices.

Advancing with Science

Advancing with Science

We combine decades of established research with cutting-edge clinical studies to deliver the most effective comprehensive nutrition gummies possible. Our approach encompasses groundbreaking research in all of our individual ingredients, the microbiome, and all the interconnected aspects of nutrition. This dedication to innovation is what makes Grüns the world's only comprehensive nutrition gummy.

4.9 stars

What TikTok and Customers Are Saying

These gummies are shockingly delicious, like strawberries! I hate subscriptions because I feel like they are a trap so I canceled it before the gummies even arrived. We quickly decided to resubscribe because we love Grüns so much! A bonus is my kids love them too!

Kate S.

10/10 would recommend. The convenience and taste are huge! Like mixed berries! Plus not having to clean a shaker bottle or extra dishes for greens stuff in powder form, is absolutely excellent!

Dustin O.

A delicious adventure for your taste buds. These gummy bears are more than just a treat; they’re a flavorful escape. With a burst of mouthwatering flavors, every bite is an invitation to a tasteful journey. Grüns makes healthy eating an indulgent experience.

Kevin S.

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