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  • Connor Weaver

    Connor Weaver

    Elite Runner
    Boston Marathon 2:16:25

    "Grüns has everything I need nutritionally to help my body recover & feel energized. The amount of vitamin B12, Vitamin C, & Vitamin D3 is exactly what I need to keep training at a high level."

  • Haley King

    Haley King

    Mountain Biking: 4x Top 5 Finishes, CA Enduro Pro

    "Maintaining my energy for 4+ hours is crucial. Grüns is portable, healthy, and easy on the stomach. These gummies provide a quick energy boost and help me hit my daily nutrient goals."

  • Yegor Denisov-Blanch

    Yegor Denisov-Blanch

    Master of Sport, Olympic Weightlifting & Powerlifting

    "There's no cutting corners when pushing the limits. You need to go the extra mile in every aspect. With grüns I'm confident I'm fueling my body with the best." -- Olympic Weightlifting PR 745 LBS (top 3).

  • Madison Hughes

    Madison Hughes

    2x USA Olympic Rugby and Team Captain

    "When you're on the go, Grüns ensures you're meeting all of your nutritional needs. Grüns helps me fuel my body correctly so I can focus on everything else. And it tastes great too!"

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