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4.9 stars

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4.9 stars

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These gummies are shockingly delicious, like strawberries! I hate subscriptions because I feel like they are a trap so I canceled it before the gummies even arrived. We quickly decided to resubscribe because we love Grüns so much! A bonus is my kids love them too!

Kate S.

10/10 would recommend. The convenience and taste are huge! Like mixed berries! Plus not having to clean a shaker bottle or extra dishes for greens stuff in powder form, is absolutely excellent!

Dustin O.

A delicious adventure for your taste buds. These gummy bears are more than just a treat; they’re a flavorful escape. With a burst of mouthwatering flavors, every bite is an invitation to a tasteful journey. Grüns makes healthy eating an indulgent experience.

Kevin S.