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7 Reasons Grüns Is the Most Bioavailable Nutrition

Understand the science. Learn how the green gummy bear provides results better and faster than green powders and pills. Thousands of people EACH WEEK are switching to fill their nutritional gaps and transform their health.

I waited six months before writing this review because I really wanted to see the scientific results pan out. My digestion has improved and I feel more energetic.

Sydney L.

Did a lot of research on Grüns and decided to give it a try based on the solid scientific backing and positive reviews.

Brett P.

I have been seeing ads for Grüns for well over a year now. I decided to try them out after reading several research papers on the ingredients they use. The results have been fantastic.

Piali B.

1. You're Peeing Pills and Powders

The TikTok videos are true. With powders and pills, you're paying for expensive pee. Excretion of vitamins and minerals is tied to urine volume (i.e., how much water you drink alongside the water-soluble vitamins and minerals). Drinking water with your supplements decreases effectiveness. Skip the drink fatigue, green powders, and throat-clogging pills. Enjoy concentrated nutrition with Grüns green gummies. (Source A).

2. Grüns Is Precisely Dosed

Grüns contains 100% of your daily needs for safe vitamins and 25% of your daily needs for certain minerals that are known to be potentially toxic at excessive levels over an extended period of exposure. Stated simply: 99% of supplements are lazy and take an off-the-shelf, generic blend that may be doing more harm than good. Watch out for daily values over 100%. (Source B).

Enjoy Scientifically Backed Nutrition

3. Grüns Is Methylated (Active!)

30-40% of people have the MTHFR gene mutation which makes non-methylated vitamins toxic. Do you have this gene mutation? You're probably not going to do the lab tests necessary to identify. But that's ok! Grüns is methylated, meaning ALL people can absorb the critical nutrients. Avoid mass supplements without methylation. Methylated = vitamins are ready for all bodies to absorb. Grüns gummies actually work, for everyone. (Source C).

4. Gummies Are More Absorbable

Compared to other supplement formats, Grüns gummies are more absorbable. At similar concentrations, your body utilizes Grüns nutrients better. Enjoy gummy bears, enjoy better health. (Source D).

5. Grüns Packs MORE Nutrition

Popular pills and powders contain fewer than 7 vitamins and minerals. Grüns contains 21 vitamins and minerals. Grüns is kicking out shady supplements by packing a punch with transparency. You deserve better than narrow supplements. You deserve Grüns. We'd say "treat yourself", but this is more like "do right by yourself". We don't play around with something as serious as your health. (Source E).

6. Backed by Science

Over 35,000 research publications have backed the efficacy of Grüns. In clinical studies on Grüns ingredients, participants saw a 41% increase in healthy gut bacteria within 16 days, 53% experienced a reduction in risk of mild cognitive impairment, and 91% experienced thicker hair, nails, and improved skin health. (Sources F-H).